Thursday, November 4, 2010


Was it just me or was there a major decrease on the number of trick or treaters this year? I swear I only had like 15 kids come to the door. Last year I know we definitely had more than that. I just thought it was totally weird. I actually fell asleep waiting for kids to knock on the door and I fell asleep around 7:45! This really makes me angry because now I'M the one who has to finish all that candy I bought! Haha! I thought I was actually doing well at trying to stay away from candy and other types of junk. I bet you I'll soon have a cavity and I'll be back at the dentist office getting a cavity filled. *crossing fingers. I really hope not! I hope I don't gain any of the weight I've lost either! Haha! I really need to start my Zumba again. Yes, I've stopped. School sucks and it takes over my life. I hate that. Anyway.....

I wanted to share with you all what my little Simba was for Halloween! My mom dressed him up and he was all ready to greet the trick or treaters! Sadly, only like 15 kids saw him. It's ok though! I know he enjoyed it!

I'm totally kidding. Look how angry he looks!!! Haha! He's such an old man, but I love him to pieces!
He was the best looking pumpkin in the patch!

It was cute cause my sister Peejay's lovely dogs, Kate and Bella, also got to dress up!

This is Katie the Lady Bug! (She's not photogenic according to Peejay! I know you're reading this! Haha!)

And Bella the Bumble Bee!! She has wings and all! Awww...

How cute are all three of them?! I just love them all! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and hope your week is going well! This week for me has actually been really slow, but I'm kind of liking it a little bit. I miss being at work and this way when I'm there, I can actually, somewhat, enjoy it. For those who don't know, I love my job. I'm an Orthodontic Assistant and I just love what I do! Braces are the best! I also get to work with some cool gals such as my two awesome sisters Pamela, Peejay, and my younger cousin Macy! People always ask me if it's hard working with family, but to be honest, it actually isn't for me. I feel like we've all grown closer together, which I love! I feel we can definitely talk about everything and anything! I think the only down side to working together is taking days off especially when there's a big family event. Haha! But it's actually cool because it somehow always works out where all of us can take off. =) Man...I hope I just didn't jinx myself!

Well I shall get some rest now. I have work in the morning and class in the evening. Oh joy! Until next time!!