Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"everything got out of hand and I let it slide"

Listening to : Carrie Underwood - Undo It


As you walk inside my bedroom, the first thing you might say is, "Wow, this girl is so messy and very unorganized." But the truth is, I love being organized. Many people may see my things and think I have no organization skills whatsoever, but I have my own organization system as weird as that sounds. I know where my things are and each item is put in a specific area for a reason. Haha. If you've seen my room, you must think I'm crazy. You have to remember, though, I'm trying to work with the amount of space I currently have. Sadly, my organization skills haven't been up to par as of late and this so called organization thing is something I actually miss. I have been going through something recently, which is a reason for my absence once again, and I have slacked off on being on top of everything in my life (surprise surprise). Now, I'm constantly feeling like I'm forgetting to do a bunch of things. I hate it and I'm feeling a little lost. Haha.

So, where do bags come in? Well, I recently saw one of the high school girls at my job carrying this small, teeny tiny purse that could probably only hold my cell phone and possibly my lip balm. And I started to think, "when was the last time I used such a small bag like that?" To many, it might not be such a bad thing to carry such a small purse, but I am such a bag person. It's something I always have to have because I like I carry my life with me everywhere I go. If you need something, I probably will have it in my purse. I actually won a game, where you had to look in your bag and check off which of the listed items you had, at my friend's bridal shower. It's pretty sad actually. Haha.

Anyway, I have a pretty big collection of bags and mostly all of them are pretty big, which is why I'm able to carry so many things. One of the things I like to have in my purse at all times is my planner. Preferably the small planners by BlueSky.

They're small and skinny enough to fit into your purse, cute and they're Weekly/Monthly planners, which I absolutely love. I don't know why, but I have this weird obsession with planners. At one point I actually had 3 planners, but didn't use like 2 of them. Haha. I know I have my smartphone, which I do use, but I like the idea of writing things down as well and making little notes. I also like that I have a back up planner just in case I don't get a chance to put an appointment or something in one.

Well lately, I have purchased a few smaller crossover purses, which are great to use when going to the bars or what not. But being the lazy person that I am, after the weekend is over, I get too lazy to switch back to my bigger purse and end up using the small bag only to carry a limited amount of things and no planner. It went on for about a month or so and I never felt so lost. Haha. It was weird and the worst part is, there were so many things I needed to do that I forgot to do. I even went on vacation to Maine for a week without it and I neglected my "To Do List" even more. So annoying.

But you can all breathe easy for all is well now! At the beginning of June and at the end of my trip to Maine, I made some fun purchases. Please say hello to Kate & Michael.

(Sorry for crappy phone pics)

They both are not too big, but pretty spacious. I love them! I currently am using my new blue Michael Kors bag and am able to fit all of my things, including my handy dandy planner. So, yay for organization again! I'm back! Well, kinda. I've been writing down an updated "To Do List" and boy, do I have a lot of things to do and activities/parties to attend to! I'm going to be one busy girl. If I go missing from the blog scene again, now you know why. I'll try not to though.