Monday, November 25, 2013

midnight memories.


Holy cannoli! One Direction's 3rd album, Midnight Memories, came out today and I must say I'm totally loving the whole thing! (Sorry The 1975. Your music has been put on hold. Haha.) Their sound is so different compared to their previous albums. A lot of their songs has this 80's rock feel to it and if you know me, you know I love me some 80's music. You can also tell how much they've matured. I think they're targeting their older fans. ** :) Just kidding. I am, though, really proud that they wrote a lot of the songs on the album. There's more to them than their pretty faces. Haha. :P So far, I'm really loving the tracks Diana, Little Black Dress, and Better than Words. Go check it out. I'm sure you'll find a few songs that you'll like and you can thank me later. :P

They're gonna be on Good Morning America tomorrow morning and I'm so bummed that I didn't get tickets to the show. Oh well. I guess I'll just watch them in my pajamas and in the comfort of my home. Hopefully I can score some tickets to their stadium tour next summer! Who wants to come with?!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

baby shower.

I have one more work day then it's vacaaaaaaaaation time for me! The office will be closed for a whole week and I cannot be any happier! I mean my wallet isn't all that thrilled, but who cares! I feel like I definitely need a break from the place I spend most of my time at. I will be super busy with lots of stuff next week like Peejay's birthday, Thanksgiving, Jayson's birthday, and etc. Hopefully, I will be able to get plenty of pictures of these upcoming events. :)

Anyway, this past Saturday, a certain someone turned 10 years old! Isn't he just adorable in this picture?! Oh I love you so!

Then the following day, my girlies and I drove up to Albany, NY to attend one of our closest friend, Raechel's baby shower. I haven't seen her and my goddaughter since the summer, so it was a nice visit. She's due January 1 and I'm so excited for her and her husband! Here are some pictures from the shower. Thanks Peejay for taking most of the photos! :)



After the shower, we stopped by Raechel and Dave's house for a bit. They showed us the baby's nursery. It's super cute and green! Monkeys were everywhere! Haha. I also got to give Kyleigh her birthday present since I won't get to see her on her actual birthday. I got her a nail art set and a Hello Kitty scooter! I think she likes it. Haha. If not, I really wanted to keep the scooter for myself! 

Overall, it was a good weekend. Well, gotta get to bed so I can finish up the work week and then enjoy my vacationnnnn! :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

proud sister.

The other day, my sister told me that her knitted products were featured on yet another website! I just wanna say how proud I am of her (and a little bit jealous. Maybe 90% proud and 10% jealous. Haha). She's super talented and I'm so glad that others have acknowledged and can appreciate this awesome gift of hers. On this website called Mashable, they featured an article of "32 Nerdy Beanies to Protect Your Cranium" and two of her products were on there!

I feel as if I know a big celebrity! Haha. Congratulations Miss Pamela on the great exposure! I hope you continue to receive lots and lots of orders! If you guys want to check out her creations, go to her Etsy store!

Monday, November 4, 2013

story of my life.

Yesterday, popular boy band One Direction released their music video for their latest single Story of My Life. (Note: I've been fangirling over them for quite a bit now and I'm not ashamed to say it. Haha). And I have to say, it is one of the sweetest videos I've seen. They show old childhood photos of them with their family members and they recreate it. It's just the sweetest thing ever, I tell ya. I may or may not have teared up while watching it. Ugh, I'm such a girl. Haha. Here...go watch it and tell me if you tear up too!

Aren't they just so cute?! Especially Zayn and Liam with their little outfits. Man, I love a guy who can dress and I must say, these boys know how to. :)

Anyway, I can't wait to hear their whole album. It comes out November 24 and yes, I will be buying it. I'm gonna get the deluxe version too! :P