Wednesday, July 31, 2013


As I previously mentioned in my last post, I've been sick with a weird, never ending cold and pink eye in both eyes. I was the most attractive person ever! Adriana Lima's beauty could not even compare to mine. Totally kidding! I looked like death with red eyes, super dark circles under my eyes, and a runny nose. It really was not pretty. Well, the past few days, all I did was lay in bed and watched nothing but movies and YouTube videos. And that was when I rediscovered my love for Karmin. 

I remember watching Amy and Nick cover Chris Brown's Look At Me Now for the first time. I was in such awe at how she was able to keep up with Busta Rhymes' part in the song. It was so cool. I even remember wanting to try it, but I knew I would fail miserably.  Though, I may or may not have tried it recently with my sister Peejay. =P

Anyway, I totally love these two. I love their personalities. Watching their videos and interviews made me realize that I have the same sense of humor as them. I don't know what it is, but they are seriously my kind of funny. I also love how they're oh so cute together (they're a real life couple and engaged!), and they're just overall super duper talented. Oh, did I mention that Nick was really cute? Very pleasing to the eyes. Haha.

Here's a video of them performing one of their new songs from their upcoming album. It's called Try Me On and I am absolutely obsessed with this song as of lately. It totally gives off a No Doubt meets Save Ferris kind of vibe and I love it! 

 *Sidenote: I finally got that Miley Cyrus song out of my head. Haha.*

I can't wait to get their new album Pulses. I think it comes out September 8 so for now I have to just enjoy their old album and covers. Not that I'm complaining. They're really good. =)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

sick bear with some updates.

So, I've been seeing my sister post more and more on her blog lately and got a tad bit jealous.

I am currently sick, which sucks, but I decided to post a little something even though I'm a little drowsy from Nyquil and probably will pass out in the next 10 minutes. Gosh, this is so annoying. I mean who gets sick in the summer? Come on...I didn't even know that was possible! And on top of being sick, I also have pink eye...I should say eyes. Haha. So not cool.

Anyway, I have a confession. I've been enjoying my new friend Galaxy (my phone) way too much lately, which is why I have once again neglected my poor little blog. Plus, I don't think I have anything that exciting to share. Ok, maybe I lied. I did purchase a few things recently that I'd like to talk about.

First, I got a new case for my phone. Actually, it's more like a bumper. The back is totally exposed.

Ain't she a cutie?! I've got this whole Hello Kitty vibe going without having the actual Hello Kitty on my phone and I'm absolutely in love! Thank you Amazon! It's so amazing what you can find on there for only $3! I feel like I do have to find some kind of case for it without getting rid of the fun bow because of the exposed back, but we'll see. Maybe I'll just keep it this way. It's just way too cute.

Lastly, I bought a couple of items from my nearest Shiseido store. I've never purchased anything from the company before, but I have heard some great things about their products.

The first thing I went straight for was their eyelash curler. I've kinda been a little obsessed with curling my eyelashes lately, but I always have trouble with curling my lashes in one shot. For some reason I can't seem to get the ends of my lashes with my current eyelash curler so I would have to curl them in two sections. Shiseido is an Asian cosmetics company (they also have hair products) and I heard that their eyelash curlers are targeted towards customers with "Asian eyes" so I had to check it out for myself.

As soon as I took it out of the box, the main thing I noticed is that it's much wider and flatter compared to my old curler. I feel like the flatness of the product gave me a hard time with getting my lashes in at first and since it was flatter, it was so much closer to my eyelids. I was scared of pinching them. I did, however, noticed that all my lashes were able to all fit in the curler. I gave it a few squeezes and voilà! My lashes were curled from one end to the other. I'm still trying to get used to curling with it, but I am definitely happy with this $20 purchase.

The second item I got at the store was their Long-lasting Natural Finish Cream Concealer. I have the darkest circles under my eyes so I'm always looking for the perfect concealer to cover them up and something that will last the whole day. I haven't found one that I'm completely in love with or that I swear by yet, so I decided to try theirs out, especially since it covered up my very visible veins when I tried a little bit on the back of my hand at the store. I believe their price was $25 for the .44oz, which I thought was pretty reasonable. I haven't been able to try it yet on my face for a full day, but I definitely will once I get rid of this illness and let you guys know how I like it.

Well, that's pretty much it on my latest purchases. I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!

Monday, July 8, 2013

New friend!

If you guys are wondering if that Miley Cyrus song is still stuck in my head, the answer would be YES. Man, I don't understand how one song can just replay in your head for a week straight! I need me some new catchy music....

Anyway, enough of that! Meet my new friend! Isn't she a beauty?
*Don't mind the smudge marks on the phone. Haha.*
So, it took me a while to decide on what phone to get and I finally decided to get the Samsung Galaxy S4! Now, if you know me at all, you know it's pretty rare for me to keep a cell phone for over a year, but that's exactly what I did with the myTouch 4G. I actually kept the phone for a little over 2 years! I'm actually super proud of myself! It could have been more, but I've been having some problems with my phone lately and decided it's time. Plus, I've been itching to buy something as pretty as this!

I'm loving it so far. I love exploring the different options I have on the phone and the different ways to customize it to fit my needs. The quality of the screen and camera is nice and clear, the phone is light-weight, and the speakers are pretty loud, which I love. Sometimes I'd rather have the music blasting than have headphones in my ears. I am, though, trying to adjust with the size of it. It's definitely way bigger than my old phone and I have such small hands. So, it's a bit of an adjustment. However, it's super fun to play Candy Crush on such a large screen. Let's hope I get to finish Level 147 on this device! Haha. Anyway, what really sold me on getting this phone is the capability of replacing the battery myself (it has a removable battery) and the removable and expandable memory. With this expandable memory, I'm able to buy and use a micro SD card with a larger storage space and store an insane amount of music, pictures, and videos. This is something the iPhone doesn't have, which is why I decided to stick with an Android device.

Well, off to shower and then head to bed. My week off from work has been so nice and relaxing, but it's time to return to my old schedule. I guess I can't be on vacation forever! Haha. Hope you guys had great 4th of July and a lovely weekend!

Monday, July 1, 2013

So la da di da di....

So, let's be honest...that new Miley Cyrus song is super catchy. I constantly find myself singing/whistling/humming it. If you haven't heard it yet, listen to it. I bet you you'll be singing it in no time.
Listen here! Caution: Video is pretty risqué
Anyway, how was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty good. I got to sleep in like a teenager (it's been ages!), drink some Frappucinos from Starbucks, and spend some time with the family. I also received news that my best friend's sister-in-law's father passed away yesterday. Loss of a loved one is such a heartbreaking thing to experience and I can only imagine the sadness they are going through right now. Lyssa, if you're reading this, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love you. Hearing about death always makes me cherish the time I spend with my family even more, especially the time I spent with them this weekend. I had such a great time with them this weekend. It was filled with love and laughter and it just makes my heart smile. It really upsets me hearing about broken families and seeing people take their loved ones for granted, which I've been seeing lately. I know life can be hectic, but people need to realize that life is short. If you have the opportunity to spend quality time with family, DO IT. Don't wait until it's too late. Not only is loss a painful thing to feel, but so is regret.

Have the week off from work. Maybe you'll be seeing more of me!

Oh and btw...I've joined Bloglovin! Follow my blog with Bloglovin.