Monday, July 8, 2013

New friend!

If you guys are wondering if that Miley Cyrus song is still stuck in my head, the answer would be YES. Man, I don't understand how one song can just replay in your head for a week straight! I need me some new catchy music....

Anyway, enough of that! Meet my new friend! Isn't she a beauty?
*Don't mind the smudge marks on the phone. Haha.*
So, it took me a while to decide on what phone to get and I finally decided to get the Samsung Galaxy S4! Now, if you know me at all, you know it's pretty rare for me to keep a cell phone for over a year, but that's exactly what I did with the myTouch 4G. I actually kept the phone for a little over 2 years! I'm actually super proud of myself! It could have been more, but I've been having some problems with my phone lately and decided it's time. Plus, I've been itching to buy something as pretty as this!

I'm loving it so far. I love exploring the different options I have on the phone and the different ways to customize it to fit my needs. The quality of the screen and camera is nice and clear, the phone is light-weight, and the speakers are pretty loud, which I love. Sometimes I'd rather have the music blasting than have headphones in my ears. I am, though, trying to adjust with the size of it. It's definitely way bigger than my old phone and I have such small hands. So, it's a bit of an adjustment. However, it's super fun to play Candy Crush on such a large screen. Let's hope I get to finish Level 147 on this device! Haha. Anyway, what really sold me on getting this phone is the capability of replacing the battery myself (it has a removable battery) and the removable and expandable memory. With this expandable memory, I'm able to buy and use a micro SD card with a larger storage space and store an insane amount of music, pictures, and videos. This is something the iPhone doesn't have, which is why I decided to stick with an Android device.

Well, off to shower and then head to bed. My week off from work has been so nice and relaxing, but it's time to return to my old schedule. I guess I can't be on vacation forever! Haha. Hope you guys had great 4th of July and a lovely weekend!


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  2. Want me to try to beat Level 147 for you???

    (I had to delete my previous comment because I made a little typo, which bothered the hell out of me. LOL.)


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