Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i forgot to mention...

...that I got a new phone. Well I've had this since February and just forgot to mention it due to other important news. Haha. I had the Blackberry Bold for about a year and decided to switch on over to completely touch screen. It was a tough transition, but I got used to not having a keyboard in no time. No its not the iPhone4. I used to own the first Android phone ever made, which was the Google G1 and completely fell in love with the Android OS. I only switched to a Blackberry because almost everyone I knew at the time had them. Well I am no longer a Blackberry owner and now I am a proud owner of the Mytouch4G. It's been really great. It even has a front facing camera, which I love! Video chatting is pretty great! Oh, and I love the fact that there's an app for Blogger and I am actually writing this post on my phone. It's so great! I hope to post random pictures during my day or any quotes or songs that float my boat. Haha.

Yes I know it's not the greatest and most exciting post, but I just wanted to share. Haha. Gotta go to bed now and get some sleep. I'm so tired! Night!

Friday, April 15, 2011

not an april fools joke!

So much has happened and I don't even know where to begin!

I guess I should start by saying how much I love the Knicks! Haha. I'm so proud of them! They were having such a bad losing streak that they were bumped down to the #7 spot on the Eastern Conference. It was pretty upsetting at the time. That's why I decided to not blog for a little bit (yeah right!). I thought my last post jinxed them in some way, but now I don't really care! They are back doing their thing and I couldn't be happier! They just beat the Philadelphia 76ers tonight and are now back to being #6! I cannot wait until the playoffs!

Oh yeah, so back to updating you lovelies... About 3 weeks ago, The Garden of Dreams Foundation had a telethon during one of the Knicks games. You had to donate $100 to the foundation and you would automatically receive a raffle ticket, which enters you to win some pretty awesome prizes! One of the prizes they had were tickets to a Knicks game and passes to watch the players shoot around before the game. There was also an autographed jersey and sneakers. If you ask me, it was actually more like buying a raffle ticket for $100. Haha. Anyway, I bugged my sister Peejay during the game about how we should donate and how we should split it, but an annoyed older sister just dismissed my idea because she was so into the game (a game they lost by the way! UGH!). After the game though, she asked me again whether or not she should do it and of course I said YES even though I knew we wouldn't win anything. No one ever really wins those things. Then a couple of days later at work, Peejay and I decided to see how much tickets were going for on StubHub during our lunch break. We actually found tickets that were being sold at a decent price and bought them right away. They were awesome seats too, especially for that amount. After that purchase, I decided to look for a second set of tickets so I could take my friend Eric with me. I then found another for a different night and bought them as well. I know you're probably asking yourselves "how much money does this girl have?!" To be honest, not much. Haha I think I might have sold one of my kidneys. Just kidding. But how awesome is that?! TWO KNICKS GAMES and COURTSIDE SEATS! Anyway, as the day went on, Peejay received a phone call while she was with one of her patients. She obviously couldn't pick up, but lucky her, they left her a voice message. It was one of the people from The Garden of Dreams Foundation calling to let her know that she had "The Ball Kid Experience" prize. Now, to those who don't know, the winner gets two tickets and has to bring a child between the ages 10-16, who will then help give the ball to the players during the shoot arounds before and in between games. I cannot even begin to describe to you guys how excited I was that SHE won! Haha. I was all smiles that day! So fast forward a little bit, she got in contact with the person that had called and told her that she didn't have a kid, niece, nephew, or cousin between the ages of 10-16. Mandy (the nice lady she spoke to) said that it was fine and that she'll still receive the tickets and get us passes to watch the players shoot around before the game! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Now here are just some pictures from all three games cause I've written way too much already. Haha.


Peejay and I before leaving the house.

Shooting around before their game against the Bucks.

Looking happy after the game, even though they lost. Haha

Peejay and her man.

Landry Fields and his REAL girlfriend. LOL

Peejay hanging out with STOUDEMIRE! before his game against the Nets. Haha

"Meeeeelo!!" - Peejay

Still can't believe I got this!!! =D

As soon as we walked in, guess who was shooting around in front of me?! <3 LF! (LOL)

He's so hot! He was literally a good 6-8 feet away from me!

My favorite shot. Fields practicing his free throws.

Me and Shawne Williams in the back. Haha

Peejay and Chauncey Billups. Look at the excitement in her eyes. LOL

Our dream finally came true! We got to take a picture center court with our favorite John Starks! Thank you The Garden of Dreams Foundation for making our dream come true! Felt like I was 8 years old again... Haha

View from our seats at the Knicks vs. Nets game.

Game against the Cavs with Eric. We had such great seats!

A winning game that is! Go KNICKS!

Eric and I after the game. =)


And for the BEST news ever.....


They actually want to get married in the next two weeks and I'm super excited to help plan it! Ahhh! =D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

coming soon...

Hey! Major update coming tomorrow! I PROMISE! The post tomorrow is about a week old, but still worth it. I was waiting on one photo and since I got my hands on it earlier today, I'm super excited to share it with you guys! You're probably asking why am I not putting it up tonight? Well I'm really tired and need to sleep! Had to attend a seminar at 9 this morning for work and it was an hour and half away. It was horrible trying to stay up! But anyway, I'm off to bed! See ya!