Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i forgot to mention...

...that I got a new phone. Well I've had this since February and just forgot to mention it due to other important news. Haha. I had the Blackberry Bold for about a year and decided to switch on over to completely touch screen. It was a tough transition, but I got used to not having a keyboard in no time. No its not the iPhone4. I used to own the first Android phone ever made, which was the Google G1 and completely fell in love with the Android OS. I only switched to a Blackberry because almost everyone I knew at the time had them. Well I am no longer a Blackberry owner and now I am a proud owner of the Mytouch4G. It's been really great. It even has a front facing camera, which I love! Video chatting is pretty great! Oh, and I love the fact that there's an app for Blogger and I am actually writing this post on my phone. It's so great! I hope to post random pictures during my day or any quotes or songs that float my boat. Haha.

Yes I know it's not the greatest and most exciting post, but I just wanted to share. Haha. Gotta go to bed now and get some sleep. I'm so tired! Night!

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