Saturday, September 3, 2011


I can't believe it's already September and that autumn is just right around the corner! I'm actually pretty excited for the weather change, but I know I will eventually miss the summer. I feel like I worked so much that I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I should have. Oh well! There is always next year right? Haha.

Anyway, before we completely move into the fall season, let's catch up and tell you all about my trip.

So, Eric has been in this intense one year nursing program since the beginning of the summer. He is constantly studying his butt off and we pretty much never really get a chance to see each other, which I'm totally ok with! Haha. I'm just very proud of him and how far he has gotten. He's definitely one of those hard working students. =) I, on the other hand, have been working my butt off all summer too and have been trying to get a full time position at my job since I have now graduated and have nothing else to do. *Note to self: Pick up diploma from school. Haha.* When we both found out that we had a week off from both school and work, which also happened to land at the same time, we decided to take a little get away. We wanted to go to a place that was still close to home, but still far enough to call it a trip. So we decided to go to Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey.

It was absolutely beautiful there. We actually stayed in a town called Atlantic Highlands, which is 3 miles away from the beach. And I just loved it there. The hotel we stayed at was located in the middle of this small town where everything was walking distance. There were restaurants around, a movie theater, an ice cream shop, the ferry that takes 40 minutes to get to NYC, and even this small cafe owned by 3 sisters. The beach was beautiful. It wasn't too crowded and it has a great view of the Manhattan skyline. There are several beaches you could go to and they even have a clothing optional beach! Haha. We actually tried going there just to experience it, but the parking lot was pretty crowded. Also, towards the end of the peninsula, there is a historic site of an old army base. It was pretty cool. I had such a great time just relaxing and being able to spend some quality time with Eric. Here are some pictures from our trip.

 And that's most of the pictures we took. We were too busy laying out in the sun to take any other pictures.  Haha. I definitely wanna take a trip there again next year! I mean come on... a restaurant with all you can eat snow crab legs for $30?! I'm there! And maybe we'll be brave and try the clothing optional beach too! Haha!

Well, I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

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