Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My life after the Super Bowl has been pretty uneventful. *Notice the lack of blog posts. Work, work, and work is all I've been doing. I've neglected my poor little blog once again because of pure laziness. I've been too lazy and tired to think of fun and entertaining posts until something wonderful happened just two weeks ago! Well as most of you know, my sister Peejay and I are HUGE Knicks fans. When we're not working, you can find the two of us on the couch eating and probably watching a Knicks game.

So once again, The Garden of Dreams Foundation had their annual telethon during one of the games and for every $100 donation, they gave a raffle ticket to each person for a chance to win one of their awesome prizes. So of course this is something Peejay wanted to do again, since our prize last year was amazing. A week after donating, she gets a phone call from this woman, who by the way has such a cool job cause she works for MSG and probably gets to see those basketball players a lot haha, telling her she won the "Walt Clyde Frazier Experience." You are probably wondering what that experience entail...well, she won two tickets to a game, a basketball signed by Walt Clyde Frazier and a chance to meet the Knicks legend himself before the game! The woman was also kind enough to let us watch the players shoot around before the game! It was so awesome being able to walk on center court again! Here's a picture of me and Peejay with Walt Clyde Fraizer before the Knicks game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Notice how I wore heels cause last time I looked like a small ant next to John Starks. Haha.

Chillin center court with Peejay. Oh wait..look! It's the Knicks' very own rookie Iman Shumpert behind me! Haha

Now just a whole bunch of pictures of the team practicing before the game.

It was such a great experience and definitely something I can cross off my Bucket List...again! =)

Let's Go Knicks!

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  1. With or without heels, you still look like an ant! LOL.


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