Thursday, March 1, 2012

march photo a day - day one.

Happy March everyone! 

I know it feels like I totally skipped February, but I promise I have been working on a February entry that I will probably post in a couple of days. Possibly sooner. I'm just trying to gather some photos together for it.

Anyway, in order to keep this blog alive, I decided to join in on the photo a day challenge for the month of March that's been going around on Instagram. Instead of posting it on Instagram like I'm supposed to, I figured I'd post them here. =) So here's the challenge...

Since it's the first day of March, here's my UP photo.

These are just a few of the many people I look up to. Love them to pieces!

I know it's a cheesy one, but I don't care. I had other ideas, but I decided to just post this cause the others just made Peejay laugh. Haha. Well, I hope everyone had a great day! Spring is coming soon! So excited! =)

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