Thursday, September 23, 2010


Lately, I've been so addicted to online shopping. I love it because it's so convenient! I can do it in the comfort of my home and in my pajamas! Also, there are websites out there where you can search for online coupons and get a better deal for them! Sometimes they'll have codes for free shipping or 30% off. It's actually pretty awesome! Since I'm still a little iffy about buying clothes online, I decided to start off with items that will definitely fit me. Haha. =) Here are some of the things I've bought recently....

I was determined to start working out again so what would one need? Running shoes!
One of the websites that I follow daily is RueLaLa. It's a site that sell designer items for a discounted price. One day they were featuring Puma on the site and got these bad boys for $30. The price that RueLala was actually selling them for was $40 (original price is about $50), but the site gives you $10 credit for every friend that signs up under your name and makes a purchase. It's pretty awesome.

Classes were then about to start and I decided I needed a new bag for a new semester.
Beyond the Rack (another great site with discounted designer items) was having a sale on BCBGeneration handbags. I saw this navy blue leather convertible messenger bag and immediately fell in love with it. I knew I had to have it for my (hopefully) last semester of college! I got it for $60 (originally $98) and I really love it. It's so convenient too because you can use it as a everyday bag with the chain strap or as a school bag with the longer strap. I've abandoned my Kate Spade bag and have used this everyday for the past month or so. I wonder what my next bag will be... Gucci? How about Louis Vuitton? Haha. A girl can dream right?

Look at how cute they are!!
I've been looking for some brown boots since last fall and a year later I've found a cute one! Haha. Again, off one of those websites (ideeli), I got them for $109 (originally $129.95). The best part about these boots are that they fit my super duper muscular calves! Haha. It was definitely a risk buying these online, but I just had to and you know what? They fit! Love love love it!

I know it's not winter yet and fall just began (Happy 1st Day of Autumn btw!!)...but I knew I had to get one now before stores stop having the good sales on those winter coats. Boy, was I right. Found this gorgeous brown Michael Kors coat on sale for $135 (originally $225) on the Macy's
website. I then immediately checked my handy coupon site RetailMeNot and saw that they had a coupon code for 20% off at Macy's!! So the price then came out to be $108 plus tax (ugh...I hate NY tax! Haha!). When I was about to finalize my purchase, I saw that I had spent over $100 and Macy's decided to be oh so generous and give me free shipping as well! It was such a great feeling knowing I've saved money because of that site. Thank you RetailMeNot!!! I am DEFINITELY using you again for future purchases!!


And that concludes my online shopping adventure.... well at least for now. Haha! I've actually had my eye on these black laceless Keds for a while now so I might make a purchase soon, but who knows! Maybe I'll wait until Christmas and maybe...just maybe someone who loves me dearly will buy it for me. =P Goodnight all!


  1. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! Your blog is also cute :) I love all of the items that you bought. I just recently discovered beyond the rack and totally fell in loveeee.

  2. I love that jacket and those boots!! Adorable!! love the blog!


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