Saturday, September 18, 2010

short and sweet.

Hey! Guess who's back?! Haha.

I know I promised a somewhat big update, but I am currently battling a cold so it won't be as good as I said it would be. However, I'm glad to say that I'm at the end stages and want nothing more but to get rid of this phlegm at the back of my throat!! Sorry, I know...TOO MUCH INFORMATION, but it's seriously killing me. Haha. All I've been doing is coughing up a storm! It's a big disruption in class and even at work! I'm just hoping it will be gone by next week. =)

So today, well I should say yesterday since it's past midnight, was my sister Pam's birthday!


You like how I put a question mark there? I know she will definitely read this entry and if I put her actual age, she would kill me and I will never be able to blog again. Haha. Anyway, we took her out to dinner at her favorite sushi restaurant called Akira with family and close friends. I'm not a big sushi fan, but I do like that place. Their Shrimp Tempura and Chicken Teriyaki is really good! Oh I can't forget about their fried ice cream! Oh man...if you haven't tried fried ice cream, well put it on your bucket list! It is to die for! I wish I was able to eat more than I did today if it wasn't for this stupid sore throat! I hope you had a good time Pamela! If not, we have tomorrow...Beer Garden! =D I love you!!

Well, I should get some rest now. I'm going to lay down and try to sleep while I have Man V. Food in the background. That's the show I'm currently obsessing over. It's pretty awesome. Definitely inspiring me to travel across the country and try all these different food challenges...not like I would be able to finish any of them. Have you seen the sizes of some of the things he has to eat? I love food, but I don't know if I love it that much. Haha. Well, goodnight all!

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