Thursday, July 21, 2011

just plain stupid.

Before I show you a picture, I want to say WELCOME, AGAIN! to my sister, Pamela. She is back to blogging and I'm loving it! Since she has her new camera, I hope she continues and doesn't slack off!! Ya hear me, Mrs. Pamela?! Haha. Now we just have to convince my other sister to start. =)

Anyway, long story short, I got into a bar fight...

JUST KIDDING! Like I'll ever get to do #76 on my list to do before I die (which is to punch someone in the face! Haha!)! Well I got into a pretty big argument with some guy...let's call him Eli (lol) and got so mad/upset that I kinda hit the wall next to my bed. Haha. Don't worry, the wall is fine. It did not get hurt whatsoever, but my right hand hurt like a biatch for a couple of days. It was pretty hard to work in patients' mouths, but I survived. All it needed was some ice. Haha.

So, the lesson I've learned from that experience is that no matter how mad I truly am, I will NEVER be able to break through the wall. LOL. I'm just not as strong as I thought I was. Don't you just love how centered that bruise is on my hand? My sisters were making fun of me cause they thought I was trying to punch it and that I punch weird. Haha. Oh how older sisters could be so mean! =)

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  1. Yeah... I need to teach you how to punch correctly! LOL.


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