Thursday, October 27, 2011

how cute?!

So, I was chatting with an old friend today and he was telling me how he's claiming his cousin's daughter as his own. Haha. Well it's her 1st birthday this weekend and he needed help with which shoes he should buy her. *A little side note: My friend Rich is one of the stylish guys I know. He has great taste when it comes to fashion. =)

Anyway, he decided to buy her very own TOMS, but was having trouble choosing one. He showed me two of them and I must say, they are adorable! I want to buy them all and save them for my future daughter or niece. Haha.


 Now aren't those the cutest thing ever for a one year old?! 

Since winter is just around the corner, he actually decided to buy her these TOMS boots! Love it!

He suggested I start making my baby registry now since there are so many adorable things out right now. Haha. I actually thought about doing it after he showed me the most fabulous shoe for my future babygirl!

I now present you, Little Gucci....
How precious is that?! I'm so in love with it that I'm going to set aside about $200 just for them. They cost $185, but you know it'll be more cause of taxes. Crazy? Yes, but they are just so darn cute! Don't worry...she'll be wearing them every single day until she grows out of it. Maybe I'll buy a matching Gucci bag for myself. Haha!! Oh man... I can't wait until my siblings have kids. I'm sooo going to spoil them rotten! Hope they're reading this! =P

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