Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I know I'm a day late, but HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I hope everyone had a nice day cause I know I did! Had a 3 hour webinar for work that started at 9:30 and then had the rest of the day off! Had lunch with my sisters then spent most of the day at the mall. First at Sephora and bought myself a new foundation and also a new bronzer.

I've heard so many good things about this liquid foundation and decided to see for myself. Took the ladies at Sephora to go through 4 different shades to find the right one for me, but when I saw how flawless (half lol) my face looked, I was convinced to buy it there and then. *Mental Note: Your shade number is 128. Haha.

She also convinced me to buy this awesome bronzer. It's called Park Ave Princess by Tarte. What I liked about this bronzer was how subtle, but shiny it looked on my cheeks. Definitely gives your face a little glow. My sister actually saw it on my cheek and she bought one herself! Haha.

I was never really into Sephora the way my sister Pam is, but damn you, Sephora! I think I just got hooked! Just kidding...kinda. Ha! I think we spent a good hour and half (possibly 2?) at that store. Too bad I'm super broke. I think I would have bought more items.

After the trip to Sephora, went home to rest for a bit then back to the mall to go trick or treating with Sheila, Kyla & little Jayson! His costume was the cutest ever! He was a green pterodactyl!

Can you believe he picked that out himself?! So adorable I tell ya!

Jayson trying on my Cleopatra head piece. Haha

 Jayson after all the fun. Haha! Just kidding.
He really didn't pass out like that.
He was trying to be funny. 

It was pretty fun walking around the mall and seeing all types of costumes worn by little kids. Lots of super heroes and princesses. I was really hoping to see something really creative, but I guess I'll wait until next year! 

Hope you guys have a good rest of the day cause I plan on it! I didn't have work again today because it snowed over the weekend (I know...snow in October?! Crazy...) and our office lost power. Lots of fallen trees and lots of towns that haven't had power or heat for days. Thank goodness we didn't lose anything, but we did have some big tree branches fall all over our property.

See? Crazy & Scary.

Ok, well that's it! =)

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