Saturday, March 10, 2012

march photo a day - day eight and nine.

Can you guys tell I'm starting to slack off a bit?

Once again, I fell asleep last night and was actually almost late for work cause I couldn't get up! Haha. Sooo not good. I need to catch up on sleep or something this weekend so I'm nice and fresh next week.

Anyway, here's day eight.

This is the window in my very own room at work. It was super slow yesterday morning, but the sun was out and it was just beautiful. I even went for a walk after lunch with Peejay cause it was that nice out. Definitely Spring weather or what I like to call the perfect weather.

Day nine.

This past week, I've been trying to save money by bringing my own lunch to work. Today was the only day I didn't because we ran out of ham and turkey. Haha. So, Peejay and I decided that we would treat ourselves to some Wendy's. When I opened the bag, I saw that they changed the way they packaged their ketchup. It's so cute and pretty cool! You can either dip or squeeze! I wish they start making this for all fast food restaurants. It's just much easier! I mean not like I eat at fast food restaurants often, but when I do, it'd be nice. Haha. And what a better way to show the color red for my day nine challenge.

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  1. Perfect weather? April 21? All you need is a light jacket. LOL


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