Monday, April 9, 2012

vanessa hudgens.

So, have you noticed anything? Well, I totally decided to scrap the whole April Photo A Day Challenge. Who am I kidding? It was already a struggle trying to take photos at special occasions...what makes you think I'd try to take one everyday for my blog? Haha.

Anyway, I haven't done a post like this in a while. So, today I'd like to feature another one of my fave celebs who has awesome taste in clothes...Vanessa Hudgens. Ever since her break out role as Gabriella in High School Musical, she was featured in many of my favorite celebrity blogs and I immediately was drawn towards her unique sense of style. Some of the pieces you see her, you definitely would not see me in, but I think they're super cute. Maybe in another lifetime and another body, I would probably try and attempt to wear them they way she has. Haha.


Isn't she just cute? I definitely love that floral skirt in that last photo. Man, I so wanna shop right now! I need some new Spring looks! Let's all go! Haha.

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  1. i definitely agree! she's such a style icon, and i'm obsessed with her outfits! so cute

    found the route


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