Friday, June 8, 2012

"it's hard for me to have to be so strong"

Listening to : Colbie Caillat - Before I Let You Go


Hey guys! The past week or so has been very exhausting for me and my busy schedule has left me absolutely no time to blog. Well until now! Haha.

This past Friday we celebrated my mother's birthday with dinner to Red Lobster and then bowling with the family (minus my brother) at the local alley. My mom didn't get to play, but my dad had such a great time! He hasn't bowled in such a long time so he was a bit rusty. Then he got his groove back and did pretty well! He was actually disappointed we had to leave. I think we'll take him bowling for his birthday and we'll go earlier so we're not the last people there. Haha.

The following day, my siblings, Eric, and I headed to Atlantic City to celebrate my brother in law Angelo's birthday. We met up with some of my cousins and some friends and celebrated the night away. I haven't been to AC in a really long time. I think the last time I was there, I was too young to even gamble! Haha. So, it was nice to experience the boardwalk again and actually experience the bars and casino a little bit...aka watch other people gamble without getting kicked out. Haha. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I didn't take that many while we were there. Maybe I'll take some when we go back. =)

The next couple of days, I celebrated a few other birthdays with dinners with some family and friends.

Then yesterday, I attended a Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat concert at our local baseball park with some of my favorite people. Which explains why I'm currently listening to a Colbie song. =)  It was actually pretty awesome. Who knew that such big stars would come to my town out of all places?! Haha. I was so nervous that it was going to rain during the concert, but lucky for us, it didn't! It did get cold as the night progressed, but it's ok. I still got to enjoy it!

After the concert, we ran (because it was cold! haha) to the back of the stadium near the area where we parked the car cause we heard that Gavin DeGraw was by the tour buses signing autographs! And sure enough, he was! We stood by the fence for maybe 10 minutes or so until he came up to us! It was pretty cool! We exchanged a few sentences, he signed our papers, and that was it! I felt like such a groupie! It definitely took me back to my *NSYNC days. Haha.

And last a not least, I'd like to wish a few people a Happy Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday to my nephew Max and Happy 1st Birthday to my niece Ella! You guys are too cute for words and I simply love seeing and playing with you guys! You guys always put a smile on my face! I cannot wait to see you this Sunday! I hope you like my homemade dragon hat! Haha.


Happy Birthday, Eric! The past few years, you taught me so much about life and myself and I can't express how thankful I am for everything you've done for me and my family. I hope you enjoy your vacation because you definitely deserve it! See ya when you get back.

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