Saturday, October 12, 2013

"what's the fun in doing what you're told?"

Listening to : The 1975 - Girls


Omg. September flew by so quickly! I'm not complaining though cause I just had one of the best weeks of my life and I wish I could "stop the tape and rewind." ;)

First, I finally got to see the great Sara Bareilles in concert at Radio City Music Hall with my girlfriends Sheila and Jill. I was so excited for this concert for two reasons. One, it was my first time walking into Radio City and two, it's Sara Bareilles! She is one of my favorite musical artists. I can't express enough how beautiful her voice is, especially live. All I can say is that I wish I was able to sing like her. I love her voice and her songs. They're all so well written and some have really great messages in them. She is definitely one talented

The next night, I went to Bowery Ballroom to see The 1975 in concert with my sisters and my brother in law. They are this up and coming British alternative indie rock band and they are absolutely amazing. I downloaded their album in September and fell in love with all their songs. I can't even describe their sound. I feel like they have a mixture of Rock, Pop, R&B, and a twist of the 80's. It's pretty good. If you can appreciate all those genres, then I guarantee that you'll enjoy at least 5 songs off their album. I haven't even listened to anything else since. It's that good.  

Here's one of my favorite songs. Go ahead and listen to it. I think you'll like it. :)

Did I forget to mention that all of them are HOT? Or as the British would say...they're all fit blokes! Oh yeah, and this happened that night too.

**click to enlarge**
Top Left: Matt Healy (Vocals & Guitar)
Middle Row (L to R): George Daniel (Drums), Adam Hahn (Guitar) & Ross MacDonald (Bass)

Yes, I got to meet the band after the show! After they left the stage, I went to purchase their shirts because I read on Twitter that if you buy a shirt or their CD, they'll give you these passes to meet them (and I also bought a shirt to support them of course! haha). Unfortunately, they didn't give out any passes with your purchase, which was pretty upsetting. When I stepped outside though, I saw a bunch of people just standing out by their tour bus and so naturally, I did the same. Then this guy came out, who looked like he was a part of their management team, and announced that the band would be coming out to sign autographs and take pictures with everyone. So everyone just formed a line against the tour bus and one by one everyone got to meet the guys. They were absolutely such nice guys. Can you tell how happy I was? I swear I was so nervous, but so happy at the same time! I think I may have gotten a bit star struck cause I couldn't think of things to say to them! Well, except for George, but that's cause he was the last person I met. I actually had decent conversation with him about the cut on his hand. He was so cute cause he looked so surprised that I asked how his hand was doing. He said with a smile, "Oh you saw my picture on Instagram?" I was like, "HELL YEAH!" (ok I totally didn't say that out loud haha). I was just like "Yeah... it looked so bad!" He then preceded to tell me what happened to it and he even showed it to me. Haha. Oh man, I would really like to relive that night right now. :) Yes, I'm totally fangirling right now. (Note to self: Buy tickets to their next show in NYC.)

Well, enough of that cause I can go on and on about that night. I definitely left out a lot of details, but they're not that interesting...or are they? ;) Hope all is well though! Talk to guys soon!


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