Monday, October 21, 2013

phillip lim.

Have you guys seen the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection? What am I thinking? I'm sure you guys have. Omg...what a great collection, right? He has such cute items and even the handbags are so adorable! I was so bummed to find out how quickly his items sold out in stores and online! It's sad to say this, but every time I enter Target, my sister Peejay and I would quickly scan the Women's clothing and Accessories section to see if they had anything left and no luck every single time (with our sizes anyway).

Well, last Friday, my sister and I took a quick trip to Target during our lunch break to buy a few things for a wedding we were attending the following day. So, of course, Peejay went straight for Women's clothing to look for the Phillip Lim section, but it was all gone. I then told her I wanted to look at the handbags to see if I can find a cute clutch to wear with my dress. As I was browsing through the different bags, a particular bag caught my eye. It was a Phillip Lim bag in black! I went to grab it and saw a smaller bag next to it. It was a small bag in yellow! Then it hit me...there had to be more of his things in the store. So, I had a crazy idea and told Peejay to look at the Sale/Clearance section for the clothing items. We searched through all the Clearance section and I was right! We found a bunch of his items there and with the prices cut down! Here are the pieces I ended up buying.

I wasn't too crazy about this as a dress, but I so love the sweater part.
So I plan on cutting the skirt off. :)

(image from here)

 I can't wait to wear them, especially my "Boom" sweater. It's so cute!

Well kiddies, I have to say that the lesson to be had here is to never give up. Haha. I really gave up on the idea of finding at least one of his handbags at my local Target store and would you look at that! I found not one, but two (my sister bought the little yellow bag)! Just keep searching and don't forget to look in the Clearance section. :)


  1. I am so jealous! This No Shopping ban is really killing me!

  2. i know someone who went all out for the philip lim collection lol but i think she selling some of them , it was a great collection though.


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