Saturday, December 7, 2013

F YOU ticketmaster!!!


I'm so angry right now. I am completely livid!! I was buying 3 tickets for the One Direction concert on Ticketmaster and was offered 2nd ROW seats and what happens? ERROR! WTF?! 

So, naturally I try again. I was offered the 2nd ROW again, but different seat numbers and what happens? 


Now everything is sold out and I'm not about to buy nose bleed seats. No offense to people that did or do. I just feel like I've done that back in the day. I wasn't privileged enough to have my rich parents buy me front row seats like some ungrateful kids today.  And let's be honest, I'm not a teenager anymore and my vision is not as great. Haha! Yes, I'm old. I'm not about to be that ridiculous person who brings binoculars to a concert. Like I said, I've done that. (Sad to admit it, but I have. I had red binoculars. Haha!) I might as well rent a blimp and fly over Met Life Stadium and watch little specks moving around. I'd rather wait for a concert DVD to come out. Just because of this, they better come out with one or One Direction better show up at my house and give me my own private concert.

Ugh, so mad.

Hey Ticketmaster, get your shit together. You know you're about to sell tickets for one of the biggest boy bands out right now and what is your site is going to do? F-ing crash? Don't let this happen again or go back to the old fashion way of selling tickets - through your local store where fans actually wait in line. Thank you.


                    A very angry

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  1. you should have told me!! theres a ticket master by my work I could have just gotten it for you guys! lol


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