Wednesday, January 5, 2011

getting older.

So, yesterday was my birthday.

Yes, I turned the big 2-5! The day didn't start off the way I had liked, but I did love waking up to the 493,509 notifications that I received on Facebook.

Word of advice: If your birthday is approaching and have Facebook connected through your cellphone, make sure you turn off your cell the night before or else Facebook will wake you up at 6 in the morning!

Yup! I woke up at 6 in the morning and had a fight with someone special, which lasted until dinner time. So all morning, I was one tired and crabby birthday gal. I think I was also crabby because I knew I am now an old fart! The day before, my co-workers and I were talking about how scary the internet is because you can pretty much find out anyone's information like a person's address, phone number, and even social security number, which is soo scary! So I decided to look up my name and lo and behold, there was my name! It listed my mom's name and my siblings and even my address! So scary!! It also had my age range, which is the whole point of this story! Haha! It said "Mid-20's." I can't believe I am now in the "Mid-20's" range. It's so weird! I clearly remember being 15 years old and planning my Sweet 16 birthday party and also talking to one of my best friends about where we wanted to be at the age of 25. I remember saying I wanted to be engaged at 25, which I am nowhere near! She, on the other hand, wanted to have fun and focus on her career. She actually is the one who is now married with a beautiful baby girl! It's just so funny how life turns out. I have learned that even though you're not where you want to be or plan to be, you just have to let it ride. You don't plan your life, God does. Things really do happen for a reason and they happen because He just wants what's best for you.

Anyway, after work, my siblings, a few of my cousins and my close friends came out to dinner with me. We went to one of my favorite Italian restaurants and I just had the best time. Great food and great company is exactly what I wanted for my birthday! So if any of you guys are reading, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for coming out! I appreciate all that you do for me and I love you guys with all of my heart!

I will try to post some pictures in the next couple of days or once my sister Peejay gives them to me. Haha! =) But for now, I shall go. If you don't hear from me in the next couple of days, I hope you all have a great week!


  1. AHHHH! I heart your puggy! Happy 25 :) it's a good year!

  2. Belated happy birthday! hehe your not an old fart! haha old farts are old as 50 lol

    you better be extra careful with your info! :)

    following you now! hope you follow mine too :)

  3. happy birthday you old fart<3<3<3<3<3


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