Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I can't believe he is 8 years old today. I swear he is one of the cutest pugs out there and he's also the sweetest! He would never hurt anyone...not even an insect! Well, that's cause he's scared of them. Haha. I don't care how bad his farts smell or how dramatic he can be with going outside when it's raining or snowing...I will always love this little booger! Love you Simba Bimba! <3 May you have many more birthdays to come!


  1. my boyfriend has a pug and honestly i am not in love {with his dog a little more than him...just kidding!} but i never knew how stinkin' adorable pugs can be. yours especially! i also love your blog, just found it today and had to become a follower.

    -Sarah from

  2. OMGGGG so frigin adorable! And I love that his name is Simba! Lion King Forever <3



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