Tuesday, March 27, 2012

march photo a day - day twenty-six & day twenty-seven.

Day twenty-six.

Now who doesn't love my Tinkerbell house key and everything else that's on there? As you can see, it's like I'm back in middle school and I'm sporting the long keychain like it's my old Tommy Hilfiger one. But this time I'm not leaving it hanging out of my pocket or bag nor am I going to wear it around my neck. Haha. I also own a whole bunch of those store cards, clearly. I looked at them after I took this picture and realized that I haven't been to 6 out of 8 of those stores that are on there. I wonder if I should take them off or should I just start shopping there again? Haha

Day twenty-seven.

This is a necklace my bff Lyssa got me on one of her many trips to Seaside Heights, NJ. The thing that makes this necklace super special to me is the fact that my name is written on a tiny rice grain! She knows how much I hate that my name isn't common enough and will never ever be able to find it on mugs or keychains so she bought me this necklace with my name on it! It's super unique and I love it!. Thanks Lyssa!

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