Monday, March 24, 2014


So, I went on a diet around April of last year and I actually lost about 12 lbs! I was actually able to maintain it for a little while and then the holidays came around and I gained pretty much all of it back. Oh, I was so close to reaching my goal weight (about 10 more lbs) and of course, stupid me, slacked off! What is it about the cold weather that makes you lose focus and motivation? Maybe it's the lack of sunlight? If it is, then I definitely can't live in Alaska! Haha.

Well, the Spring is finally upon us and I think I should start back up again with this diet and hopefully, I can maintain it this time. I really want to lose weight, start eating healthier, and not spend so much money on junk food. I guess my first challenge is to resist temptations. I still live at home and let's just say it's going to be super hard to start. It's going to be hard when I'm going through this journey alone and everyone around me is just eating whatever they want. I then have to start cooking at home every day and prep meals for work. I have to make sure not to get lazy and make time to do this. I think that's the second challenge. Time management is key. Also, I have to make sure I do some kind of exercise each day. Running or even small exercises (my third challenge). I know they have a bunch of them on Pinterest that I can print out. Haha. 

I really hope to start this week. I figured if I blog about my journey, it'll be a way for me to stay motivated. If you have any suggestions on how to stay motivated or even workout suggestions, please leave me a comment! Thanks!

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