Friday, April 4, 2014

fitness friday.

So, I've been following Ayesha Curry's blog and YouTube for a couple of weeks now (she's NBA player Stephen Curry's wife) and I have to say, I absolutely love her and her little family! On her blog, she does this series called Fitness Friday. Every Friday, she'll talk about anything related to health and fitness for the week in hopes to inspire and support others. She'll share things like healthy foods she's eaten, different cleanses or workouts she has tried, and she'll even share if she failed to do anything that week. I decided to follow her trend so I can continue on this path of dieting and healthy eating.

For this week, I'm proud to say that I have started running on the treadmill again! I actually ran twice last week and three times (so far) this week. I ran a mile Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and gave myself a rest day on Wednesday. I'm still struggling though because my Asthma starts to act up as I'm running and come on, I haven't done this in about over a year! So of course I'll be struggling a bit. I'd actually like to think what I've done so far is pretty good. I may squeeze a run later after work making it #4 for this week. :) As for food, I haven't gone completely healthy yet, but have definitely done a good job with staying away from junk food. I do find myself in a constant battle with rice. I'm Asian afterall and I eat rice with everything. Haha. I just need to focus and go on that strictly protein diet like I did before.

Well, that's all the update I have for now. Let's hope I have more to share next week!


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